KENT FLOORS was established in 1983 as the pioneer in manufacturing and distribution of vinyl tiles. The completion of the company’s vinyl tile mill located in Marikina City the following year, made it possible for Kent Floors to produce high-quality and beautifully designed products for the growing market.

The natural progression of product development and the openness to innovation made Kent Floors a familiar name in both residential and commercial clients. It is the company’s utmost goal to give value for money for all its customers. The company also penetrated the construction industry with a resounding success.

With its escalating confidence and impressive marketing, Kent Floors ventured globally with its products distributed and sold in major cities in the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Romania, Sta. Croix Bristish Virgin Islands, Singapore, and Taiwan. The extensive portfolio of flooring products allowed the company to provide flooring solutions in variety of settings around the world.

Kent Floors takes pride in its product offerings now divided in two brand names. KENT VINYL and KENT WOOD. Each brand was created to provide flexibility to specific clients and projects. As an addition, Kent Floors also launched its very own Care and Maintenance Solutions line to assist clients, for easy care and to increase the longevity of the floorings.

It is the company’s foremost goal to always be of service to customers and to maintain its credo of hardwork and faith to all its dedicated employees. Kent Floors is continuously researching and creating products to satisfy its market and to provide products that are unmatched until today.

Kent Floors, your floor partner experts.

Providing top-quality floor options for the best prices
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